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Planning to visit a country that has an abundance of natural beauty, amazing seashores, is famous for its religious tourism, does not break your bank to travel here, and is politically stable?

You must be thinking about India!!

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India is a country located in South Asia and shares its land border with China, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan.

The north part of India has the mighty Himalayas and the southern part is surrounded by the Arabian Sea, Bay of Bengal, and the Indian Ocean.

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How to visit India?

India is connected with all the major countries of the world via air. Depending on which place you want to visit in India, you can get air tickets to Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Chennai, and the list goes on…

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Visa for entry to India

You will need a valid visa to enter India. The visa process is pretty easy, you just have to apply for an Indian e-visa

Once you land in India, you will have to show the e-visa along with your valid passport and a visa sticker will be pasted on your passport.

Note: Citizens of Japan and South Korea can obtain visas on arrival as well.

Places to visit in India

Check the table below that will help you plan your visit to India based on your interest/purpose of travel

Place of InterestInternational Airport to land
Himalaya Mountains, Taj MahalDelhi
Seashores, GoaMumbai
Seashores, Kanyakumari, AndamanChennai
North-East India (Natural beauty)Kolkata

Where to stay in India?

You will find Hotel stay for all the budget. All the famous international hotels are available in India.

You can also opt for AirBnB, OYO rooms that offer budget hotel stays.

Cost of visiting India

Indian currency is much weaker as compared to the western world’s currency. Eg. 1USD= Rs.74 and 1 Euro= Rs90.

This will make your stay in India much cheaper.

Shopping is pretty cheap if you are willing to haggle in flea markets!

Best time to visit India

In India, majorly 3 seasons are found across the year,

  1. Summer- This is from March to June. Visiting Himalayan regions is recommended
  2. Rains- July to September. Visiting South India is recommended
  3. Spring- October to February. The weather is pleasant all across India, the best time to visit Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata


India is a country you can visit any time of the year, the cheap cost of staying here and the political stability make India one of the best foreign locations to visit.

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India Travel FAQ:

Is India a safe place to visit?

Yes, India is among the safest countries to visit. As applicable across the world, be careful during late nights and shady-looking places.