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Crazy about the pictures and articles like Top 10 places to visit in your lifetime? Here is one country that must be on that list.

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You definitely must have seen the marble caves of Puerto Rio Tranquilo as one of those beautiful attractions on Insta! And guess where it is – Chile.

Chile is a long and narrow country with the most alluring distinctive places to visit. Its geographical positioning is what acquires everything from the driest desert of the world – The Atacama, to the beautiful views of the Pacific in the South.

You will find cities adorned with fantastic paintings on the walls and you’ll get to have the food that will be soul-relieving for you as a traveler.

The geographic features of Chile which make it one of the most diverse countries also make it a country difficult to get around.

Travel expenses in Chile are pretty high. You will have to spend too much time traveling through the mountains and greens.

Let me relieve some of your burdens about getting around in Chile by sharing my personal experience.

Guide to help you plan your travel itinerary in Chile


As soon as you step out of the international airport of Santiago, you will find yourself in a beautiful city with numerous tourist attractions- La Moneda.

One of the views you cannot miss can be seen from Cerro Santa Lucia. It has the scene of the outstanding Andes Mountains across the city.

Museums can be taken as boring places to visit, but hey, that is where you get to learn about the region and its history. So do not miss out on the Museo de la Memoria y Los Derechos Humanos.

Staying here overnight is the most convenient option for there is a lot yet to come.

San Pedro de Atacama:

Day two begins with a two-hour flight to Calama. From here you hire a cab to San Pedro de Atacama.

This beautiful town is surrounded with dramatic deserts amidst the Andes Mountains. You must explore some hot water geysers like Geisers del Tatio, plateaus – Piedras Rojas, Lagunas Altiplanicas, and volcanoes and hot springs.

Therefore, you do not need to rush here as the beauty of this region will amaze you if you spend a little more time here. Take 2-3 days to get around the town and have good food to keep you going.


You will have to return to Santiago by plane and reach this harbor city by bus.

It isn’t really that far to travel. Valparaiso is a beautiful port city which is on the coastal region of Chile. Here is the most beautiful museum which was once a home for the great poet and Nobel Prize winner, Pablo Neruda.

This museum has an amusing view of the Pacific. Furthermore, the city is full of wonders that were imprinted on the walls by an influx of European immigrants during the 19th century.

You will find beautiful paintings and wall art on the houses in the city. They certainly speak of their traditions and cultures.

It is a place that will give you stunning pictures to keep as a memory of your visit to beautiful Chile.

Santiago and Colchagua:

Now since it is the last days of your vacation here of ten days, the best time you will spend is in the vineyards of Colchagua Valley.

You can reach here from Santiago. They have the most awarded vineyards around. The adorable scenery steals your heart and you feel relieved while roaming around the place.

You can have a car rented to get around. Now there is another option for it too, you can get to Santa Cruz by bus. Besides that, renting a bike and wandering around the region is the best thing to do here.

You can stay here for two days or so to fully enjoy the scenic beauty.

Chile 4K

Chile In Summers

Don’t forget to get around the Viña del Mar, to find the best beaches.

Have a wonderful time that you will always remember. Get the easiest access by Playa Caleta Abarca, also find beautiful beaches nearby Reñaca.

Spend at least 2-3 days here to get familiar with every corner of the city, I bet it will cherish your heart and the waters will bring you the soulfulness you’ve sought for.

If you have more time, spending a week or more in this place is just the best way because this place has a lot to offer.

Chile Travel Restrictions

There are no travel restrictions in Chile as of today but some protocols need to be followed:

Chile Travel Advice

  • Travel Affidavit Form: This Online form needs to be filled 48hrs before boarding the flight. You will have to disclose your contact details, health and travel records. The QR code generated will be used to check the data.
  • Chile Health Insurance with Covid-19 Coverage: A health insurance cover of USD 30,000/- is mandatory for non-residents.
  • Random Tests at various entry points: In case anyone is found positive, s/he will be isolated as per health guidance.
  • Mobility Pass: It is no longer mandatory to get Mobility Pass (this is free to get) to enter Chile but it may be asked for domestic travel, indoor dining, sporting events etc

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What is the capital of Chile?

Chile’s capital city is Santiago, it is also its largest city.

What is the language of Chile?

Spanish is the official language of Chile.

What is the currency of Chile?

The Chilean Peso is the currency used in Chile. 1USD=820 chilean peso.

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