The Traveler’s Story -1

It wasn’t the first time I have been through these streets. It wasn’t the first view I had here. But it all looked like it was happening for the first time. I haven’t yet breathed this way like I did today. It wasn’t Oxygen that was meant to reach into my lungs, get into the alveoli through long tubules of bronchioles and get exchanged with Carbon-dioxide. I wasn’t breathing for it was the topmost necessity of survival, but life. I breathed air, fresh and calm air. Air with a mild fragrance of the purple and yellow flowers that grew by the seaside.
That was the time when no human was present. Nobody was present, to watch me. To watch me standing freely. And maybe that was the sense that made my breathing feel so light and vivacious as never before. Was that me or someone else? Maybe an inner me, the one who lived inside me, in hope of getting a life someday. The one who was the reason that I never liked my job at the office, and the one who made me go crazy at the meeting that day.  This inner me was alive today. I gave him his chance to breathe within me, flourish within me. See how wild he has gone today. He took me here, at the end of the world. I am not really confident if this place is safe for me, but hold on, isn’t that my own line at the office? Find beauty in the most vulnerable state. That is where I am today. In the most vulnerable state.
This is me, you’d have never heard of, never seen or known. But I exist, I have always existed. The funny part is I too never knew I did. But now I am emerging out of the seed within me. I am watering myself and in no time I will bloom into a beautiful flower. And this flower will spread its fragrance all around the world.