A journey is made of adventures. It is filled with heart-loving stories. Decorated with the affection of people you meet for the first time. But a journey never completes without stories to brag about the good food of one specific corner in this whole world. You may be on a diet or a food-loving epicure, a plate full of love and yummy spices is where you find the ultimate contentment.

Here comes Morocco, a country with diverse cultures. It has stories about its history and has traditions that are followed with the same spirit even today. A country with such a tight bond with its own root tradition, always has a deeper relationship with mother nature and can undoubtedly fill your heart with its ages old customs of preparing foods. Morocco foods will steal your heart letting you taste not only the spices but the stories behind them.

A traditional dish in Morocco which is called Tagine or ‘tajine’ is world famous for its serving. It is primarily made of hot and cold salads which are half cooked. This is mixed with stewed vegetables or meat in a cone shaped earthenware utensil or a clay pot for short. This healthy dish is flavored with spices like  Paprika, Coriander Seed, Cassia, Allspice, Chilli, Cloves, Green Cardamom. It is served hot and brings water into your mouth.

Hey are you a vegetarian suffering from disease called No-Good-Food-for-Vegetarians? Well, in Morocco, you have nothing to worry about. You will still find good in fact best of foods in Moroccan vegetarian dishes. Here is the list of yummy vegetarian foods you can’t miss in Morocco.

  1. Taktouka:  The simplest one to prepare and yet the tasty one. Taktouka is prepared with sober ingredients like green bell peppers, tomatoes, garlic and olive oil. Green bell pepper when grilled produces smokiness over the top of the salad. Tomatoes, however, balance it with its naturally sweet taste. This fantastic combo of sweet and sour eradicates the use of additional sugar. If you’re near to this dish, friend, grab it in the first place!
    morocco foodsPicture Credits: http://tajinny.com/recipe/719/Taktouka%20-%20Moroccan%20Salad%20of%20Tomato%20&%20Roasted%20Pepper
  2. Moroccan salad: Here comes the love of a vegetarians life, salads. This is made of lettuce, tomato and cucumber. You may similarly find many other salads like the with with orange and cucumber and many more. This will not only feed your appetite but will also keep you energized throughout your travelling around the streets. The first thing in the morning as breakfast and you have already prepared well for the day ahead. It will not fill you and will get digested easily and soon. This is best when you are planning to roam around the streets for shopping in Morocco. Since you’re not really filled, you can taste as many dishes as you want and it will not overwhelm you. Isn’t that a great idea!
    piesandtravelPicture Credts: https://www.inspiredtaste.net/19298/fresh-chickpea-salad-recipe-with-lemon-and-dill/
  3. Vegetable Couscous: Here is the most versatile dish of Morocco. Prepared in one pot and flavored with vibrant spices that stimulate your appetite. Moroccan foods have one thing in common, most of them are salads for vegetarians. But wait, it is the combination of various spices that separates them from each other. This one is rich with protein-rich chickpeas which makes this dish healthy and natural to eat. 
    morocco foodsPicture Credits: https://www.erenskitchen.com/moroccan-spiced-vegetable-couscous/
  4. Harira: This dish will brighten the eyes of soup lovers. Made of nutritious pulses and vegetables, it is heartwarming with a melange of its fragrant spices. Soups are good to have in the travelling time usually. It not only fills your stomach but also provides enough liquid to stay hydrated. The pulses of this Moroccan dish will soothe your heart.PicturCredits: https://www.taste.com.au/recipes/moroccan-harira-soup/0b04e0f3-5290-48e5-84da-e73fd3e54a
  5. Ma’akouda: Also known as potato pancakes for ease of understanding the major ingredient. This preparation of food is best to be eaten in both the ways, either in a sandwich or on its own. You can find this one in the streets, it is ready in very little time, so you don’t have to wait to have your tasty dish for longer!Picture credits: https://marocmama.com/maakouda-the-moroccan-french-fry/

Other dishes to try:

Loubia – These are stewed white beans with fragrant spices

Ad’das – In this, lentils are cooked in tomato sauce flavored with spices

Bs’sara – This one is also known as fava bean soup

Zaakook – A preparation of cooked salad with tomato and eggplants.

You see, it is not as inconvenient to be a vegetarian traveller as you thought. Today the world has stepped into the era of globalisation. This enables every traveller to have a food of choice. You can always find restaurants with the continental foods in Morocco but I’d rather suggest you taste the regional food. It will fill you up with experiences that you will never forget and talk about for the all your wonderful life.

Happy Fooding in Morocco! 🙂