In the previous article about the Chile Itinerary, you must have well understood Chile and its diversity. With all the plateaus and mountains, city lights and scenic national parks, Chile has also got a great diversity in its food. Every region has got its own taste in food. And so, you’re going to love the food in Chile. As you begin from Santiago, you will have the most food varieties. Being a highlighted city for tourists, it offers you regional to continental meals in hotels and restaurants. Moving deeper into the areas, you will get to have varieties of foods.

At first, the Chilean foods (apart from Chilean restaurants) may not seem appealing but I bet you’re going to fall in love with its taste. Chile foods are mostly pork and meat. But if you seek vegetarian foods, friend, you can always ask for salads without meat. People may or may co-operate, but hey, a smile can always win people!

So here is a list to help you out with the Chilean foods.

Pastel De Choclo:

It is a creamy combo of Chilean beef and corn casserole. The vegetables like onion, raisins and olives are well stuffed into the casserole and it is caramelized with a thick layer of cream. When put into the oven, it makes a stunning meal to feed your traveller’s appetite! It is mouth-watering and nutritious too. You just can’t miss on this traditional dish which is also known as the shepherd’s pie.


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The word originates from Empanar, which means wrapping or coating in a bread. Likewise, the dish is basically some onions and ground beef wrapped in dough. It is often baked and fried with stuffed olives and raisins again. They call this mixture Pino which also includes boiled eggs and spices. The dish, wrapped in a semicircle shape is usually decorated with moulded outlines of dough. Now Empanadas is something that you can find at any local food carts and Chilean restaurants. Therefore, don’t worry much about getting good food while roaming around the city, because Empanadas is always waiting for you.


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Substantially prepared with beef or chicken stewed with corn, chilli, and vegetables. This dish is carefully prepared in a clay pot which is wide and deep. Spices like red chilli and onions are also added for flavour along with powdered spices like oregano and paprika. Also, sometimes the vegetables are often cooked with rice to complete the meal. The process makes it a healthy one. Did I say cooked vegetables? Of course, I did, and that is where the vegan within you can find a good meal. Ask the cook not to add meat or chicken into the dish and you’re free to go with your another vegetarian meal in Chile. It may/ may not be available always, either way, giving a good try is worth it all.


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Also famous with the name Chilean barbecue. It is a chief event of cooking outside the house in social get-togethers and parties. But more than that it is a way that invites the guests to dine together merely with the smell of cooking food. Usually, it is the beef or chicken grilled with sausages and skewers (includes vegetables and other meats). In case you are about to attend some major event in the region, you can get the combo of three including an alcoholic drink. This is most common in Chilean foods during their festive seasons.


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Another wonderful Chilean food that you can find in every corner of the city. This consists of corn husks stuffed with other vegetables like onion, basil and spices like ground paprika. The combination of ingredients gives it a little sweet and little sour taste. This whole thing is then wrapped and tied with a thread. Now comes the awesome part! This whole wrapped meal is usually boiled or often steamed until cooked. This is tasty and irresistible. You are sure to enjoy the corner-side foods while you ramble around the city. The corner-side food-carts are cheaper and will let you enjoy your money more in travelling.

There are yet many Chilean dishes to try in Chile. But remember to have a good breakfast because travelling in Chile can take longer and you might not want to feel empty already.

Stay tuned for more updates about travelling in Chile with our upcoming blogs and articles.