How beautiful this world is to live. But only a nomad knows its real beauty, which is not only in the limitless oceans but also in the air that has the scents of its flora. The white glacier of mountains that brings chills to the body also fascinates the soul, isn’t it? And here I am! Wandering through all of the depths and heights of this world.

A journey that begins with a step outside a different room in a different city of a different country, and ends…well it never ends, it goes on, stunningly.

I have created this blog to share the magical stories, photos and tips from my adventures around the world. And not just that, this is for people like you and you and those with you who live with adrenaline rushing in their veins with the craving for adventures.
For those with intense Wanderlust.

C’mon and share your stories with the world. Let the world know that there is a different, more beautiful way of living.
A Nomadic way of living.

A Nomadic Wanderlust.